Rapid Fence


Rapid Fence
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RAPID FENCE Pre-Cast Fence for Sale! Faster than concrete hollow block! No more formworks!

Easy-to-install and magaan sa bulsa, siguradong matibay pa!! Yan ang Rapid Fence Pre-Cast Fence na available sa Superfab Contractor's Depot

Maximum Height of Fence 2.5m

Height: up to 2.5m
Thickness : 16cm x 18cm
Height: 0.5m (up to 5 stacks)
Length: 2m
Thickness : 5cm
Foundation: 0.6-0.8m
Strength: 3000 psi
Installation speed: 10m X 2m per 1.5 days (5 span)

Price starts at Php 2,800.* per sqm. (for ex. 1m height x 1m long wall)