Pang-Matagalang Walang Tagas with FAIRMATE WATERGUARD -Flexible Cementitious Waterproofing Membrane. Waterproof your basement, water tank, pool, retaining wall, roof, balcony, etc.

• 1N/mm2 strong adhesion.
• 5N/mm2 high tensile strength.
• Brush apply.
• 100% cured in 3-5 days.

Waterguard A
Mix 18kg powder & 10L liquid
Cover 25sqm (2-coat), or 16.5sqm (3-coat)
PRICE: Php 2,200 per pail

Fiberglass Mesh (optional)
145gsm, 5mm x 5mm
1m x 50m
- Php 2,000 per roll

• Bathroom, 2 coats - Php 88/sqm
• Roof, 3 coats - Php 133/sqm
• Pool, 3 coats + fiber mesh - Php 173/sqm

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